NSW Public Holidays Calendar 2019 [Holiday Dates 2019]

2019 Public Holidays NSW are the period with leisure time to students. During these days the colleges or schools are off or having a break. Generally, holidays are to allow the students to enjoy their tradition, culture, a season off etc. These are a celebration of government holidays, personal events or any scheduled offs. These times are favourite for students when they are having a break from their home or class works.

Why holidays are necessary? These actually have a variety of positive effects on a person’s health & relations.

– These holidays provide leisure time to students from their daily work and acts as a break for refreshment.

–  These are good times to plan for outside adventures and are the best moments to spend with your family & loved ones.

– Holidays are also beneficial for health. These releases from depression and make a refreshed come back after a break.

Here public holidays are been discussed. These are nationally recognized days when most of the offices, institutions or businesses are closed. These are established by law and are the non-working days for all institutions. These holidays are mostly seen on international days, festivals days, religious days, national days etc. These holidays mostly come once a year.

Every region, state, country or school has their different schedule on holidays. There holidays pattern depends on location, state for religious holidays. Also, countries have a vast difference in their holidays. Their location, religion, weather, beliefs, living style, patriotic days etc are different wrt to other countries. In this article, we are going to discuss public holidays in New South Wales. Following are the major holidays given that are organised in NSW.

NSW Public Holidays 2019

Holiday 2019
New Year’s Day Tuesday, 1 January 2019
1Australia Day Monday, 28 January 2019
Good Friday Friday, 19 April 2019
Easter Saturday
(the Saturday following Good Friday)
Saturday, 20 April 2019
Easter Sunday Sunday, 21 April 2019
Easter Monday Monday, 22 April 2019
Anzac Day Thursday, 25 April 2019
Queen’s Birthday Monday, 10 June 2019
Bank Holiday Monday, 5 August 2019
Labour Day Monday, 7 October 2019
Christmas Day Wednesday, 25 December 2019
Boxing Day Thursday, 26 December 2019

1: When Australian day falls on Saturday or Sunday, there is no public holiday on Saturday Or Sunday, Monday will be declared a public holiday.

NSW Public Holidays Calendar 2019 – 2020

NSW Public Holidays 2019 - 2020
NSW Public Holidays 2019 – 2020
  • Tuesday 1 January – New Year’s Day
  • Monday 28 January – Australia Day
  • Friday 19 April – Good Friday
  • Saturday 20 April – Easter Saturday
  • Sunday 21 April – Easter Sunday
  • Monday 22 April – Easter Monday
  • Thursday 25 April – Anzac Day
  • Monday 10 June – Queen’s Birthday
  • Monday 5 August – Bank Holiday
  • Monday 7 October – Labour Day
  • Wednesday 25 December – Christmas Day
  • Thursday 26 December – Boxing Day

These holidays are described as below:

  1. NEW YEAR’S DAY: the New Year is celebrated every 1st January in New Year’s occasion. These are the good moments and blessed moments of a year to celebrate.
  2. AUSTRALIA DAY: This day is celebrated on 28th January in Australia. This day is celebrated as the anniversary of 1788 arrival of First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales.
  3. GOOD FRIDAY: this day is celebrated on 19th April 2019. This is a very important day in the church calendar. This commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Good Friday is the day for mourning to Christians.
  4. EASTER SATURDAY: the Saturday which follows the Good Friday is celebrated as Easter day. There is no celebration in this day because it is sombre remembers before Easter Sunday. This celebrates the rising of Jesus from death.
  5. EASTER SUNDAY: Easter Sunday is the most important day in the Christian Church. In this day, Magdalene found an empty tomb in a cave in which Jesus has placed following his death on crucifixion on Friday before.
  6. EASTER MONDAY: Easter Monday is a holiday in many cultures. The Easter date depends on the ecclesiastical approximation of March equinox. It was also known as Octave of Easter as in ancient time it was celebrated for 8 days.
  7. ANZAC DAY: Anzac day is celebrated on 25th April on a remembrance of army corps of Australia & New Zealand who fought & died for their country.
  8. QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY: it is celebrated on the second Monday of June month. It is celebrated because of its constitutional monarchy.
  9. BANK HOLIDAY: this holidays falls under bank & bank holidays act and celebrated on 5th August. It may not be a state-wide holiday but only apply to certain employees or institutions.
  10. LABOUR DAY: it is celebrated on first Monday of October. This holiday celebrates the 8-hour working day or as a victory of workers.
  11. CHRISTMAS DAY: it is celebrated on 25th December worldwide. It is a tradition of gift giving to Christians 9or non-Christians).
  12. BOXING DAY: a ‘Christmas box’ is termed as Christmas present. Boxing Day is traditionally off for servants or the day when they receive Christmas box.

A complete list of public holidays in NSW has been discussed. It is a state in the southeastern zone of Australia. It has its many coastal cities & national parks with Sydney it’s capital. It is Australia’s most populous city.

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